2016 Year in Review

What a year it has been!
Tan's Treats 2016 Year in Review
We started delivering bags in early September of 2016 and we have seen so much support that we have been expanding our reach since then.
In just 4 months we have gone from delivering 51 weekend food bags to children in need on the weekends during the first week to an amazing 222 weekend food bags! That’s 222 children that will not go hungry on the weekends! We plan to keep expanding until we have solved childhood hunger!

We could not do this without amazing the support in our community! We wish we could name each person and business that has helped. Each of them has played an amazing role in helping us to deliver as much food as we have this year!

Here are the stats for 2016 (Sept-Dec):

  • 30,280 Meals
    • Average of 3,682 Per Week
  • 1,927 Weekend Bags of Food
    • Average of 205 Bags Per Week
  • 222 Children Currently Being Served
    • 963 Homeless Families with Children in Washington County K-12 School
  • Current cost to feed one child for one day = $1.72

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