To Raise for Tan’s Treats

Raising money, even for something you care deeply about, is intimidating for most people. But it’s an important part of what we do at Tan’s Treats. The dollars you help us raise allow Tan’s Treats to provide means for families, especially children, who will otherwise go hungry without it.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to help us raise these much needed funds. Keep it simple or get creative! Tell your story. Follow these simple steps and don’t forget to donate yourself. It sends a powerful message to those you ask if you’ve given too.

  • Decide which fundraising strategy works for you. Pick from the list below or create your own.
  • We are happy to assist you to help you make your Tan’s Treats event a success.
  • Contact us if you need assistance.
  1. WRITE PERSONAL NOTES. Make a list of your friends and family who may want to help. Write personal notes (handwritten or email) to them. Share your story. Some may need to ask 10 friends in order to raise $1,000. Some may need to ask 50.
  2. PLEDGE $20 A MONTH. And ask a few others to do the same. Check out the different donation options at www.tanstreats.com/#donate
  3. SHARE TAN’S TREATS ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Visit us at www.facebook.com/tanstreatsinc and www.instagram.com/tanstreats
  4. HOST A PARTY.  Don’t charge a ticket price. Have friends and family to your home for refreshments and a bite to eat. Share your story and tell the about Tan’s Treats then ask them to consider a donation.
  5. LUNCH AND LEARN. Same idea as hosting a party. Don’t ask people to give ahead of time. Invite them to join you for lunch and have an informal discussion about Tan’s Treats. Share your knowledge and your story. Many people will want to give.
  6. HOST A FUNDRAISER. Host a Tan’s Treats fundraiser. It could be a yard games party, spaghetti dinner at your church or union hall, outdoor movie night, picnic lunch, trivia night, pool party, card game night, scavenger hunt party, BBQ. Charge a ticket price and donate the proceeds (or the entire price of the ticket if you can absorb the cost) to Tan’s Treats. Consider asking a friend
    or two to co-host with you. They can help you plan and invite their friends.
  7. CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY. Invite people to your birthday party. In lieu of gifts, ask them to make a donation to Tan’s Treats.
  8. MAKE A DONATION IN LIEU OF A GIFT. Who needs more stuff? Ask friends and family, with whom you normally exchange holiday gifts, to give to Tan’s Treats instead.
  9. HAVE A COMMUNITY BAKESALE OR GARAGE SALE. Ask friends to help you sell baked goods or things that are no longer needed. This is a great way to donate to Tan’s Treats and you don’t even have to ask for money!
  10. PARTNER WITH A LOCAL BUSINESS. Many businesses (fitness and art studios, restaurants & retailers) like to partner with non-profit organizations that are important to their clients. For example, work with your favorite yoga studio. You invite your friends and family to a class and the studio donates the proceeds to Tan’s Treats. Or ask your favorite restaurant or retailer to donate
    a percentage of their profits on a certain day or week. It’s a win-win. The business gets exposure and you get to make a difference for Tan’s Treats.
  11. SHARE YOUR EXPERTISE. Teach people something you know. Knitting, gardening, starting your own business, cooking, dog training…the possibilities are endless. Invite 20 people, charge them $50 each, and you’ve just raised $1,000 for Tan’s Treats!
  12. ORGANIZE A BIKE RIDE, RUN, OR OTHER OUTDOOR ACTIVITY.  Make it a “4th of July Parade for Tan’s Treats”, “Ride and Shine for Tan’s Treats”, “Hiking to Fight Hunger” or make up your own. Large or small, this is a great way to raise money and bring awareness.
  13. ORGANIZE A SERVICE AUCTION.  Ask three people to join you in donating a simple but valuable service and auction them off. Examples could be a day of housekeeping, yard work, childcare for a weekend or house painting, etc.
  14. PROGRESSIVE DINNER PARTY. Ask two neighbors to help you host a progressive dinner party. Start at one person’s home for appetizers, progress to the next home for dinner, and the last for dessert. Charge a ticket price or ask guests to make a donation to attend.
  15. HOST A “STAY AT HOME” PARTY. Have a group of friends who are tired of going to events? Try this fun twist. Send them an invitation to a non-event, entitling them to stay at home and relax. Ask the non-party goers to buy a ticket to the non-event or suggest they donate the amount they would normally spend on going to an event.
  16. TRIPS AND TOURS. Lead (or ask someone to lead) a nature walk, boating trip, horseback ride, architectural tour, fishing trip, historical tour, rafting trip. Charge $15-$25 and maybe advertise in your local newspaper and/or on social media.
  17. PASS THE HAT. If you belong to a service club, sorority or fraternity, support group, prayer group, bridge club, etc., talk about Tan’s Treats and pass the hat for donations. Consider asking your friends and family to do the same.
  18. RELIGIOUS COLLECTION. For church-goers, ask if you can share your story during a church meeting or organize a church fundraiser for Tan’s Treats.
  19. SAVE YOUR CHANGE. Ask 5-10 people to save their change for 3-6 months and donate it to Tan’s Treats. You do the same.
  20. STAR-STRUCK EVENT. Ask a famous or popular person in your community to do a special event. Personal stories are powerful, and they may be willing to help draw attention to Tan’s Treats.

For information on setting up your own food drive, click here.