Fighting Hunger, One Child At A Time.

Tan's Treats is committed to helping children in need, but we can't do it without you. If you believe that no child should go hungry in America, take the pledge to help solve hunger.

What We Do


Tan's Treats has one main purpose, which all of our efforts revolve around, and that is to provide meals for children in need on weekends, when school food programs aren't available.


By educating communities on the facts associated with childhood hunger we can better prepare our communities to assist with developing strategies to combat childhood hunger.


As we provide for our youth and help them to have all the necessities they need for proper development, we are strengthening our future and setting our communities up for long term success.


As a group of individuals devoted to serving others we can join together to inspire our communities to stand up, take action and work together to build a better tomorrow.


By providing opportunities for service and setting up drives to collect food for children in need we can lift the spirits of not only those who receive the assistance of food, but also those who are given the opportunity to provide it.


Local schools often provide Lunch and Breakfast Food Programs. We work daily to assist schools with providing food for children on the weekends so that they come prepared and nourished at the beginning of each school week.


“Tan” was an amazing influence in the lives of many. He was a great son, brother, uncle, friend and role model. When Tanner passed away in a tragic accident we (the founders of Tan’s Treats) were devastated and determined to live a life like he had.Tanner spent so much of his life helping those around him and we wanted to be able to teach our children, who didn’t all get a chance to know him, about what a great example he was to all of those around us. When Tanner was in elementary school his Mom noticed that he was coming home from school starving. When she approached him about it she learned that he had been giving his lunch to a boy in his class that didn’t have lunch. For the rest of that year Tanner took two lunches to school, one for himself and one for his friend. What better way to continue Tanner’s legacy than to make sure that all children have the food that they need every day. Our goal is to provide food on weekends and holiday breaks, when school lunch programs don’t provide the food needed. We started “Tan’s Treats” so we could keep on giving the way that Tanner would have. We are an organization of his family and friends that are dedicated to serving those around us as he would have done and are determined to make sure there are no hungry kids in our community.

Mission Statement

Tan’s Treats is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the needs of the children in our community. Each year thousands of children in the United States get out of school for the weekend and return home to a less than adequate supply of food. Their needs during the week are being met with school breakfast and lunch but they are left to go hungry over the weekend. As an organization we coordinate food efforts together with their schools to get them guaranteed weekend meals. Science has proven children who are hungry have a much harder time performing well in school and we believe every student deserves a fair chance at succeeding and that no child should go hungry.

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Your Impact: $10 = 1 Month of Weekend Meals for 1 Child


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