The What, How and Why
“Tan” was an amazing influence in the lives of many. He spent so much of his life helping those around him. If something wasn’t nailed or bolted down, he would give it away because if anybody needed it he wanted to make sure they had it. He developed this attitude at a very young age and it was seen in all that he did. In elementary school he even gave away his lunch every single day to a friend who didn’t have lunch.

At the young age of 23, Tanner passed away in a tragic accident.

Tanner’s legacy lives on through Tan’s Treats and the thousands of volunteers that so graciously give of their time every year to make sure that all children have the food that they need every day.

Our goal is to provide food on weekends and holiday breaks, when school lunch programs don’t provide the food needed. We are dedicated to serving those around us as he would have done and are determined to make sure there are no hungry kids in our community.

The vision of all of us at Tan’s Treats is to be able to expand to the entire community.

Tan's Treats, Inc.

Fiscal Year 2017 Totals