Blessing When Finances are Tight

“Tan’s treats has been very helpful for my son. When I’m at work or busy my son can make his own meals and snacks. My son knows those are his own snacks and meals. He is excited every Friday when he gets home to look in his bag of Tans Treats. It’s also been a blessing when finances are tight.”

Single Mom

“Being a single Mom, we have been so blessed by the Tan’s Treats program. It is such a blessing to know that when the kids come home from school they have easy to prepare foods that they can pull from at any time to eat while I am away at work or running errands, or in many cases, when I am at Doctor appointments with their sibling. The meals really help, not only during the weekend, but all week long, as we keep the foods they get all in one spot and they know that is where they can go to find foods they like and that they can make by themselves. It’s helped us so much!”

Sense of Independence

“Tan’s treats has been such a great program to be a part of. I think the biggest thing I’ve noticed is that my kids feel a sense of independence as they’ve learned to make and use what they receive each week. We are grateful for the program and hope to give back to it someday soon!”

Stay at Home Mom With 6 Kids

“Thank you Tan’s treat for providing meals on the weekends for my kids. I am a stay at home mom with 6 kids and we are on a budget with food. This awesome program helps us out a long way. We appreciate all the help. God bless and have a great day.”